Polyphenyl Ethers (PPEs) are resistant to ionizing radiation. We offer a number of PPE-based products for use as Radiation Resistant High-temperature Fluids and Greases. Lubricants derived from our base fluids re suitable for use in machinery operating in and around short-wavelength, highly energetic ionizing radiation environment. Ionizing radiation, such as gamma rays, x-rays, and subatomic charged particles shear carbon hydrogen bonds in most lubricants to form ions that recombine to form structurally different molecules.

These molecules typically have higher viscosity and as a consequence are not effective lubricants. On the other hand, polyphenyl ether derived lubricants maintain their structural integrity in the presence of ionizing radiation of up to 1011 ergs/gram, while other hydrocarbon-based lubricants turn to viscous gels. Therefore, PPE based lubricants are widely used in nuclear power plants, space satellites, nuclear submarines, food sterilization equipment, radiation chemistry laboratories and medical imaging systems. Our PPE-based greases are useful in applications that require thermal and ionizing radiation resistance but can not use liquid lubricants because of their high fluidity and concern for contamination. We offer the following products in this product class.


SANTOTRAC 332-FG Traction Fluid is a low viscosity synthetic hydrocarbon-based traction fluid that is especially designed for use in high-speed operations where low to medium film strength is desired. This product has high coefficient of traction and is fortified with a proprietary additive system to enhance its antiwear and extreme load-carrying and high temperature properties. This product is especially useful in operating environments that require enhanced oxidation stability and increased protection against rust and corrosion. SANTOTRAC“ 332-FG carries H1 credentials hence its incidental contact with food and drugs during manufacture must not be of concern. This fluid is essentially nontoxic, especially when normal hygienic practices are followed.